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3 Ways PCD Tools Save Money

Polycrystalline Diamond tools can be more expensive than regular tools. However, they can be better value for money. This extra investment can even help you save money. How does this work?

1. PCD Tools Last Longer 

Tooling equipment doesn't last forever. Every time you use a tool, it wears down. At some point, you have to replace it once it no longer cuts effectively. Tools can also break if you use them for extended periods at fast run speeds.

While cheaper tools reduce your upfront costs, they have higher replacement costs. You might have to buy more tools to replace worn and broken parts. The more tools you buy, the more you spend. So, a cheap initial cost might prove to be more expensive over time.

PCD tools last longer. PCD wears down more slowly than other materials. It can work harder and at faster rates. So, you won't have to replace these tools as often, and your long-term purchasing costs will be lower.

2. PCD Tools Reduce Finishing Costs

If you need high-quality finishes on your tooling jobs, then you might need to do some finishing work after you've made your cuts. Low-quality and worn cutting tools won't always make clean cuts. Even high-quality materials such as carbides won't make the same quality of cuts as they wear down.

So, you might need to grind down cuts to improve their appearance. This adds a process to your workflow and increases your costs.

If you use PCD tools, then they make more consistent cuts during their lifetime. You aren't likely to need to add cosmetic finishing work to a job. So, you can work faster at a lower cost.

3. PCD Tools Reduce Wastage

If you run batch-processing jobs, then you need to produce the same quality of tooling work on each item you cut. If your tools wear down, then some items might not meet your standards. You might have higher wastage costs if you have to discard items because your tools spoil some work.

You can minimize this problem by having more regular inspections during a job. However, this increases the time it takes to finish a project. You also need to allocate more manpower to the job. Someone has to make regular quality control checks.

The fact that tools like PCD tools last longer and work more reliably is useful here. Your tools will produce higher-quality and more consistent results. You'll reduce your wastage costs. You can also usually reduce the number of checks you make which reduces your manpower costs.

For more information, contact tooling suppliers and ask about their PCD tool ranges.

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