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3 Features To Consider When Buying A Hand Truck

Having the right tools makes any job a lot easier to complete. Hand trucks are invaluable tools in any warehouse or stockroom. A hand truck allows your employees to move a lot of product at once, without compromising their personal safety.

It's important that you invest in the right hand trucks for your business. Here are three features that you will want to consider as you start your search for hand trucks that can enhance the safety and productivity of your employees over time.

1. Load Capacity

You must take the time to check the load capacity on a hand truck before making a final purchase. All hand trucks are designed to bear a certain amount of weight. Exceeding this weight limit could cause the hand truck to malfunction, which could lead to an employee injury.

Carefully evaluate the materials and products that you need to move within your warehouse or stockroom. Determine the approximate weight of each load that would be moved using a hand truck, then invest in a hand truck with a load capacity that exceeds your estimate.

This will ensure that you invest in equipment that is capable of safely transporting any item within your facility.

2. Height

The height of the hand truck you select for your facility will have a direct impact on operation. Hand trucks are typically measured in inches, with the height measurement telling you the distance between the bottom lip of the hand truck to the top of the handle.

A hand truck that is too short can lead to back problems, while a hand truck that is too tall can be difficult for employees to control.

If you plan to have multiple employees operate your hand truck, it may be beneficial to invest in a hand truck with an adjustable handle. This will allow your employees to adjust the hand truck according to their unique height for maximum comfort and safety.

3. Design

You can choose from either a folding or non-folding hand truck for your facility.

Non-folding hand trucks have a fixed metal bottom lip that remains in one position throughout the lifespan of the hand truck. These types of hand trucks tend to have higher load capacities, but can be bulky.

If you need a hand truck that can be integrated into a smaller space, a folding hand truck could be the answer. The bottom lip of a folding hand truck can be folded up to reduce the footprint of the hand truck while it is in storage.

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