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Upgrade Your Tractor's Cab

A torn headliner, rust and holes in side panels, and flattened seat cushions can make using your tractor for long stints unaccommodating. Research various cab parts that will be necessary to upgrade your tractor.

A Kit

A kit may contain framework pieces that comprise the shell of a cab or a kit that contains the interior pieces that make up the area where an operator will be sitting. Foam paneling, formed parts that contain plastic backing, or flat materials that require an adhesive may need to be installed along portions of the framework. An interior kit will feature floor and seat covers, foam cushioning, and dashboard materials. Some interior kits may be more comprehensive than others. 

A kit will require the use of various tools that are sold separately. Choosing to use a kit in lieu of separate tractor parts will allow a seamless installation. Many parts that comprise the roof or sides of a cab may come pre-assembled. This will reduce the amount of work needed to upgrade a cab. A manufacturer of cab kits may sell materials that can be used to upgrade custom or stock tractor models.

Individual Parts

Individual parts include a line of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and aftermarket products. Parts can be used to upgrade one or more parts of the cab. If you have a few targeted parts of your tractor cab that you would like to upgrade, you may be better off purchasing individual parts than investing in a comprehensive kit that includes materials that you will not be needing.

Many tractor manufacturers list parts online that can be used to improve the functionality and comfort of a cab. Choose to tackle one upgrade project at a time. Research the materials that you will need and familiarize yourself with the installation of each part. 


A stock tractor will likely not come equipped with the latest accessories and technical equipment. Many tractor owners may prefer to purchase a basic cab and deck it out on their own schedule. If you have a lot of excess space in the cab area, consider investing in a portable fan unit, a mini-fridge, phone and drink holders, and any other accessories that will add comfort and convenience.

Consider the anchoring materials that you will need for each gadget that you will be installing. Refrain from installing anything that will impede your line of vision while you are actively operating your tractor.

For more information, contact a tractor parts company.

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