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Tractor Maintenance and Repairs to Get Your Case IH Ready For the Fields

If you use a tractor to work the fields and harvest crops, it is going to need an annual inspection and maintenance. The maintenance of a tractor is similar to what you would do for your car but is also going to require some repairs. Therefore, you are going to need the right parts to do the annual maintenance your tractor needs. The following information will help you with the maintenance and repairs your tractor needs this year:

Take Care of the Fuel System

The fuel system needs to be cared for during spring maintenance. Some of the things that you may need to do to your tractor's fuel system include:

  • Flush the fuel tank and lines
  • Replace bad fuel injectors
  • Change the filter and test the fuel pump

The fuel system needs maintenance and repairs to prevent performance issues when you need engine power to get work done. You may need fuel injectors, pumps, and other fuel system parts when doing this maintenance.

Change Fluids and Filters

Various fluids need to be changed in your tractor during spring maintenance. There are different types of maintenance that need to be done for these fluids. The different fluids that will need maintenance include:

  • Regular engine oil change
  • Flushing the radiator and cooling system
  • Checking the transmission and hydraulic fluids

The fluids need to be changed during spring maintenance to prevent problems due to them breaking down when the tractor is not being used. If you need to repair leaks, you may need extra parts to complete these repairs before changing the fluids.

Check All Hydraulic Parts

The hydraulic systems are an area where you may need to do a few repairs while doing maintenance. Therefore, you will want to do a thorough inspection of your tractor's hydraulic systems. Some of the things to look for when inspecting the hydraulic system include:

  • Look for leaking connections and hoses
  • Check the hydraulic manifold for problems
  • Inspect hydraulic pistons and moving parts

The hydraulic systems are closed and usually don't need to have the fluid changed unless there is a problem.

Grease Exposed Parts

There are also exposed metal parts on tractors. These areas are vulnerable to damage because they are often moving parts. Therefore, these parts need to be greased when you are doing routine maintenance and repairs. Some of the parts that may need to be greased include pivot points and the braces (arms for PTO equipment attachments), all ball joints, and all steering system components. The greasing of parts is something that you will have to do in spring and when doing maintenance throughout the year.

The tractor maintenance and repairs are important if you want to be ready to work the fields this year. Contact a Case IH parts supplier to get what you need to keep your tractor in working condition.

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