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Purchase a Commercial Meat Grinder to Aid in the Production of Burgers and Other Menu Items

Blending ground meat components and adding finely diced vegetables to a meat mixture may have helped you come up with an innovative burger product that you will be featuring at your dining establishment. Although purchasing pre-ground meat can help you attain your end goal, preparing meat yourself will ensure that products are freshly-prepared and possess the desired texture.

A Manual or Electric Machine

A meat grinder will support the grinding of bone-in or boneless meat products. A top plate and reservoir that is directly below it will be used to contain meat that is being processed. Some commercial machines contain a side slot that will allow a user to feed a lengthy meat product through the chamber where slicing will be performed.

A manual machine may be slightly smaller in size than an electric model. A manual machine is sufficient for those who are going to be grinding small batches of meat or who are not going to be using the machinery consistently. A manual machine will require the turning of a handle and the handle's resistance may require the use of arm muscles, especially if large slabs of meat are placed within the grinding chamber.

An electric machine will either fit on a countertop or the floor. An electric model will only require a user to place meat within the grinding chamber. The grinding process will be performed with the use of mechanical parts that are within the machine. A cutting plate and blades will work cohesively to produce a batch of ground meat.

The Body, Extra Plates, and Attachments

A small grinder may contain a plastic shell or a combination of plastic and metal. A larger industrial model that is designed for heavy usage may contain a stainless steel body. This type of machine will support steady usage of the grinder. Inspect the plates and the blades of a machine that is of interest.

Multiple grinding plates will allow you to change the coarseness of meat products. If the blades are constructed of stainless steel and can be removed from the equipment, the person who is cleaning the equipment won't be likely to leave traces of meat on the stainless steel.

Some machines come with a sausage maker attachment, which will support the slicing of components that will be added to the casing and will allow the end-user to secure a sausage casing roll to the grinding equipment. After grinding fresh meat products, refrigerate, freeze, or cook products immediately. 

If you're looking for more information, contact commercial kitchen equipment suppliers. 

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