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Caring For Your Industrial Brick With A Refractory Coating

Industrial brick is built tough and will give you plenty of good use when you do your part to take care of it. However, if you fail to keep up with the brick it can begin to crumble, become discolored, and even fail to protect your building structurally or from fire risks. Since you already took the time to invest in this brick, it is equally important that you do everything in your power to keep up with the brick maintenance.

Things like investing in an industrial brick refractory coating will be a useful endeavor, in addition to some other forms of maintenance and repair. Start with the following strategies when you want to get the best from your industrial brick:

Get an assessment of your industrial brick and have some professionals install a refractory coating

You can never do too much to care for your industrial brick, but getting a refractory coating is one of the most straightforward and beneficial steps that you can take. This is a coating that keeps fires at bay, because it is installed specifically to protect the kiln or fireplace's burning zone. Since there are numerous types of refractory coatings that you can get, you need to consult with a professional that can assess your setup.

After an assessment, you'll come away with an understanding of the exact type of coating that you need. These coatings are virtually guaranteed to work up to certain temperatures whenever you have them installed properly on the lining. Whether you're dealing with a forge, metal equipment-making processes, or a standard brick oven, researching the coating in advance and getting it installed can buy you better service and productivity. 

Be diligent about caring for your entire brick system

Whether you need to change the flue and clean your exhaust, or replace old bricks with new ones, be vigilant about caring for your brick structure. When it is properly repaired, you can literally add more than 100 years of good service to your structure. If you fail to maintain it, you put it at a much greater risk for damages that you can't come back from. Making the investment in a refractory coating, along with a preventative maintenance plan, will buy you more time than you can imagine, and save you money in repair costs in the long run.

With these factors, it's easy to see that getting a refractory coating is a no-brainer. Consult with a brick specialist for more help.

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