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Using And Maintaining Your Air Compressor

Failing to properly care for an air compressor can lead to it needing to be replaced or malfunctioning at inopportune times. Proper air compressor usage and maintenance will require some basic steps and precautions on the part of anyone that uses the air compressor.

Prevent The Moisture Pan Or Tank From Becoming Full

Air compressors can generate enough moisture to cause them to flood. Drain pans and storage tanks are incorporated into the compressor so that they can capture this moisture before it damages the compressor. Unfortunately, individuals can forget to empty these components, which can lead to them becoming full. Some air compressors will automatically stop when the sensors show that the moisture storage is becoming full. However, others will simply continue running, which can lead to overflow.

Inspect The Air Compressor's Gaskets

Gaskets can be essential for preventing air from leaking out of the joints and other connections in the piping that will transport it through the compressor. If these gaskets become degraded, they can allow the air to escape, and this can severely decrease the pressure. While replacing these gaskets is a fairly inexpensive repair, it can be difficult for an untrained person to do as it can require removing sections of the compressor.

Be Mindful Of The Compressor's Emergency Shut Down

In the event that there is a malfunction or other emergency with the air compressor, it will have an emergency shutdown that can be used to immediately stop it to limit the damage that occurs. When using the air compressor, you will want to be sure that you can easily access this shutoff as quickly as possible. If you position the compressor so that it will be difficult to reach the shutoff without moving the unit, you may be unable to turn the system off quickly enough once you notice that a problem is occurring with the system.

Only Use The Recommended Lubricant For The Compressor

An air compressor will need to use lubricants in order to keep the friction it produces from damaging it. Using the wrong lubricant can prevent the air compressor from functioning correctly as it may either over- or under-lubricate the components. Furthermore, incorrect lubricants can leave residues behind that might clog the moving parts. Fortunately, an air compressor will not need to have lubricant added very frequently, but it will need to be done every few weeks or months. Writing the date on which the lubricant was last serviced on the air compressor will make it easier to stick to this schedule.

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