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Why You Want a Commercial Paint Sprayer for Your Business and a Few Features to Look For

If you have a home repair and maintenance service where you do jobs like house painting, you'll want the proper equipment so you get professional results with the least amount of labor. This is where a commercial paint sprayer is useful. A paint sprayer is a good investment that will save money on labor costs, and it will help you get jobs done quicker so you can be more productive. Here's why you need a commercial paint sprayer and some options to look for when you buy one.

The Benefits of a Paint Sprayer

A paint sprayer can speed up the process of painting the exterior of a house. With a paint sprayer, the job can be done quickly by a single person so you won't need to send a crew to hand paint the house. The results from a sprayer are better because there won't be roller marks or streaks from brushes. If you paint houses often, then a sprayer becomes an essential tool that helps you achieve professional results while reducing costs on labor.

Things to Look for in a Commercial Sprayer

There are many kinds of paint sprayers on the market and some of them are designed for specific types of use. There's a difference between a sprayer designed for commercial use that's used often to tackle big jobs and a sprayer for do-it-yourself (DIY) furniture and room painting. An airless sprayer is a good choice for commercial use. The spray nozzle connects directly to the hose with this type of sprayer so you have greater control over the size of the spray and ease of use. This configuration also makes the sprayer much easier to clean, which is important when you're trying to save time.

Buy an airless sprayer that has multiple nozzle attachments allows you to determine the size of the paint stream. A larger spray of paint covers the wall faster, but it can also result in overspray that wastes paint. Finding the right tip for the job comes with experience and is essential for getting the best results.

Another thing to look for is portability. You can buy a compact sprayer you carry around the yard or a unit that is mounted on wheels that holds the paint can you're working from. A unit on wheels could provide the best experience when you're painting since it keeps all the equipment together. Plus, it can be wheeled where you need it, which is beneficial if the sprayer has a short hose. The length of the hose is another consideration since a longer hose allows you to get more work done without having to stop and reposition the sprayer and supplies. Since there are different types of commercial paint sprayers to choose from, compare them carefully so you get the features you want that fit in your budget.

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