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Properly And Safely Disposing Of Asbestos

When performing a renovation, the discovery of asbestos by your employees in a building can be a cause for concern because the inhalation of asbestos particles can lead to the development of mesothelioma. To remove asbestos safely, it is necessary to understand the appropriate safety precautions that your employees must follow.

Preparing The Room For Asbestos Removal

Before the asbestos is removed, it is important to remove all unnecessary materials from the room. Then, the area needs to be covered in plastic. The furnace and air conditioner must be turned off to prevent the asbestos from circulating. Make sure that all of the registers for the air conditioning vents are covered with plastic.

How Employees Protect Themselves

Employees must wear disposable coveralls so that contaminants will not be released into the surrounding air. The workers must wear respirators that use HEPA filters to avoid breathing in the asbestos particles.

The Importance Of Water

Water is an important part of safely disposing of asbestos because water suppresses the flow of dust. Spraying the materials that contain asbestos with a garden hose can prevent the particles from being released. The materials should be kept as damp as possible even when being placed inside a safe container.

Removing The Materials

Even after taking precautions, it is crucial to remove the materials as carefully as possible to reduce the risk of the materials breaking up. After rolling up the materials, check surfaces to make sure there is no contamination. After all of the materials have been disposed of, it is necessary to clean any clothing you have worn.

Storing The Materials

The asbestos must be sealed in a container that is leak-tight. It will either need to be sealed in a drum or will need to be placed inside a bag that must then be placed inside a second bag. Each bag must be labeled so that it can be easily identified.

Transporting Materials

To dispose of asbestos, you will need the documents that are required to legally transport the material. All asbestos must be documented by a waste shipment record.

Properly Disposing Of The Materials

If the asbestos has been prepared properly, it can then be taken to a landfill. Another alternative is to take the asbestos to a transfer station that is permitted to dispose of asbestos-containing waste.

Following The Law

Materials that contain asbestos must not be sent to a crusher. The act of crushing these materials can lead to the release of asbestos particles that can be a risk to anyone who breathes these particles in.

If you do not dispose of the asbestos properly, you might be reported to the local department of health. However, if you follow the necessary precautions, not only will you avoid any legal consequences, but you will adequately protect your employees. To learn more, contact a disposal company like Bobcat Disposal Of Sarasota

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