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Characteristics Of An Excellent Structural Steel Fabricator

Choosing the right structural steel can make or break your industrial process. Here are some qualities to look for when choosing a trustworthy structural steel fabrication company. 


A few factors affect the quality of structural steel. One often quoted statistic is the tensile strength of steel, which measures how much pressure the steel can withstand. The tensile strength will affect how much structural steel you need to support different structures. This quality is affected not only by the steel's age but also by their manufacturing processes. 

Ask your manufacturer about their numbers on tensile strength. With a strength ranging between 50 and 250 or more kpsi, different types of steel will require different amounts to meet your goals. Since every piece of steel may have a slightly different tensile strength, it's important that the company tests their products on a regular basis, and preferably with third party help, to make sure that the quality is meeting expectations. 

Another indicator of quality is the company's quality control policy. If you notice any problems with the quality of the steel, such as deformities and unevenness, is the company willing to refund you? A guarantee of the company's product can alert you to a higher level of reliability. 

Reliability of the Company

With strict deadlines on manufacturing, you may need to rely on tight turnaround times for your steel manufacturer. Look for a company that can get the job done. The company should have access to backup production systems to ensure that they stay on track. For instance, backup generators or power supply grids are necessary in case of a power outage. Look for companies that have redundant machinery to complete the steel fabrication process. Smaller manufacturers can still form alliances with larger partners to gain access to these systems. 


Another thing to note is whether the company will be responsive to changing needs of their customers. For instance, what are their policies if you need to cancel or change your order with short notice? Storing additional steel stock can be costly to manufacturers, so they can vary greatly in how flexible they are with orders and delivery dates. It's important to find a company who will work with you to avoid big losses to either party.

It's important to do your research on several steel fabrication companies to see who has the right combination of quality and flexibility. The best quality steel can help to provide safety and longevity for industrial uses. 

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