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Storage Or Dumpster? The Recycling Potential Of Computer Components

Whether you're replacing the systems in a corporate building or upgrading factory computers, there's a lot of precious metals and recyclable materials that need your attention. Simply tossing everything into the garbage is the same as throwing away money when you could be getting a decent chunk of change back at recycling centers. Take a look at a few recycling points for businesses to make sure that you're getting the most value out of your systems.

What Parts Can Be Reused?

If you're upgrading to new computer systems, the idea is to perform faster and more efficiently. Unfortunately, not all upgrades are exponential boost in power.

Sure, if you're upgrading after a decade of being on the same old systems and a multiple hardware generations have gone by, you're in for a treat of massive computer performance gains. If you're just upgrading to maintain compliance or if there's a small, specific change that can't be easily added to your existing systems, there could be a lot of reusable parts.

  • Hard drive. Hard drives are currently cheaper than SSDs per gigabyte, making SSD's major advantage about speed rather than cost. If you just want to store extra data, simply remove the old hard drives and have them installed by technicians. You can even wipe the drives to start from scratch for repair or replacement purposes.
  • Memory. Random Access Memory or RAM is used to transfer the most common files to the processor instead of forcing the computer to put other actions on hold to go on a long hard drive search. Memory generations are listed under the Double Data Rate (DDR) naming convention, but can be identified by the position of a physical notch that prevents generation mismatch.
  • Power supply. The power supply unit of a computer is one of the most compatible components because of the rarely changing pin placement. The main concern is whether the power supply has enough wattage for the new computer, which can be figured out by adding up the total energy consumption of each component or by simply connecting the power supply to test without adding any securing screws.

Recycling Components Without Reuse Potential

Not all components can be reused, as they may be simply too old or not compatible with the new systems. Even the parts in the previous section may be too weak or physically damaged, meaning that it may be better to send the components to the recycling center.

Hard drives have an amazing recycling potential due to the rare earth magnets inside. Solid state drives unfortunately lack the magnets, but can still be recycled for the aluminum content of the case and a few other materials inside.

Power supplies have aluminum or steel casing, but the inside has a respectable amount of copper in coil form that can be recycled. Avoid opening the power supply yourself, as the capacitors inside the power supply can hold dangerous electrical charges.

To separate everything, make sure to have recycling containers for proper disposal and recycling center delivery. A dumpster rental professional can both give you the recycling containers you need and a way to get your electronic waste to a recycling center. Contact a dumpster rental service to get the containers you need to separating materials and to discuss pickup. If you have questions about what to trash and what to recycle, contact a business such as TCM Sweeping and Disposal.   

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