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Good Reasons To Choose Cold Rolled Steel For Your Precision Parts

Turning out high quality precision metal parts means you using only the best materials. Metal fabrications shops that specialize in precision parts like those for vehicles or appliances used in homes should consider always using cold rolled steel. Cold rolled steel offers benefits for precision parts that are not found in some other types of metal like hot rolled steel.

Cold Rolled Steel Has The Finish Best For Precision Parts

When your customers open a box of the parts they ordered from you, their first impression matters. When you use cold rolled steel for the precision metal parts you manufacture, you can count on them having a smooth, fine finish and smoother edges every time. Due to the process used to create cold rolled steel, a nice finish is an attribute you will always have. Cold rolled steel is manufactured in cooler room temperatures while other metals like hot rolled steel are processed at extremely high temperatures. When steel is processed in high temperatures, it becomes softer and more pliable. Hot rolled steel would be more appropriate for products like railroad tracks or construction I-beams.

Greater Strength Is Important For Some Parts

Some precision custom parts will need to be tough enough to withstand high heat. For example, if you are manufacturing parts for a car manufacturer, you will need to provide parts that will provide strength while under great pressure and high temperatures. Cold rolled steel is a lot stronger than other metals like hot rolled steel because it never gets the chance to become softer during initial processing. Cold rolled steel undergoes a thinning process and tempering  that promotes greater strength. For the parts orders you need the strongest steel for, choosing cold rolled steel is a good idea.

No Seams For The Parts That Will Be Visible

For the parts you make that will be visible on your customer's products, choosing cold rolled steel is best due to more than just its smooth finish. Cold rolled steel can come in various shapes, every one being without seams you will have deal with during precision fabrication. This way, you never have to worry about getting back parts that have lines in them or other rough areas that are common with other types of cheaper metals.

When Exact Sizes And Shapes Every Time Matters

Because cold rolled steel is harder and has a greater tensile strength, it is easier to use for precision manufacturing of parts that need to be exactly the same size and shape. If you use softer, cheaper metals, you could end up with a box of parts that have slight variances in their measurements. When your customer gets parts that cannot be used because of measurement differences, you end up losing money and possibly that customer as well.

When your business depends on your customers being satisfied with your precision metal parts, it makes sense to choose only the metals you know will help you provide the highest quality. For more information, talk to a company like A & C Metals - Sawing.

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