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Pack Your Personal Items To Move Like The Professionals

With the right supplies and a few simple tips, you can wrap and pack your household up for a safe move to your new home. It takes time and the right supplies, so don't start packing until you have plenty of both. Here is how to pack those challenging household items like the professionals for your next move.

Get Your Supplies Together First

Have an assortment of packing supplies available before you begin. You can always take back supplies that you don't use. By having the right supplies on hand, you'll be less likely to make mistakes and incorrectly wrap something that may put it at risk of breaking during the move.

  • small, medium and large packing boxes
  • bubble wrap rolls
  • mailing tubes in different sizes
  • sheets of cardboard for packing
  • foam packing sheets
  • rolls or boxes of packing paper
  • packing tape, scissors and markers

Basic Packing Tips

  • Choose the smallest box that will hold a group of items being packed together.
  • Use plenty of crumpled packing paper to cushion items in a box.
  • When in doubt, use more packing material than less to minimize the risk of breakage.
  • Pack similar items together in the same box. For example, don't pack dinner plates with glassware.

Tips for Packing Difficult Items

  • Dishware - Bubble wrap each plate and secure with tape. Place the plates on their edges into a box lined with crumpled packing paper. Place a foam sheet between each plate. When the box is full, fill any spaces with crumpled paper.
  • Cups and Glasses - Fill each item with crumpled paper then wrap paper around each and secure with tape. Place the item with its opening down into a box lined with crumpled paper. When you have a layer full of cups and glasses, place cardboard sheets over the layer followed by more crumpled paper. Place another layer in the box and continue this until the box is full. Fill any remaining space with crumpled paper.
  • Posters and Wall Hangings - Anything flat that can be rolled up should be packed in a mailing tube. This prevents them from being creased. Posters, calendars, wall hangings, and other flat, flexible items should be rolled up and placed in the smallest tube that will hold them. You can pack a number of mailing tubes in another packing box surrounded with crumpled paper for easier transport to the destination.
  • Photo Frames - Wrap packing paper around each frame and secure with tape. Place the frames on their edges in a box lined with crumpled paper. Place a foam packing sheet between each frame. When the box is full, fill any remaining space with crumpled paper.
  • Odd-shaped Items - Don't let irregular-shaped items, such as a decorative china tea pot, stump you. First, wrap the item with bubble wrap and secure with packing tape. Bend cardboard sheets around the item to construct a box for further protection. Use plenty of tape to hold this box together. For two-piece items, such as a tea pot with a separate lid, wrap each item by itself.  

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