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Bring Custom Design To Computer Storage Equipment

It isn't easy getting all of the routers, switches, hubs, servers and network appliances into a stable work center. Although many devices use a specific standard that allows connections to a standard server rack, new devices have emerged from upstart companies seeking to change the face of the world of technology. If you're dealing with unconventional devices, but need secure storage, take a look at what could go wrong with standard mounting and how metal fabricators could help.

Mounting Problems In Non-Standard Storage

Computer and network equipment storage such as the 19-inch server rack are designed to hold equipment in place using at least four points of contact. The device--which is often square in shape--is secured either at each corner, each side or some combination of both securing areas.

If you're installing a device that is too small or doesn't properly hit all four securing areas, you're putting stress on the other areas that have to do all of the work. The non-secure side will be hanging down and the screws or bolts attaching the other areas will be under unplanned stress.

Before the bolts and screws give way, the device itself may begin to crack or come apart. Sturdy, metal devices are still joined at certain areas and the constant stress can cause the device to come apart at the seams. This danger is even greater with plastic devices that could crack at any moment under their own weight.

Shelving can be used to keep some devices in place on a flat surface, but what if someone trips over the cables attached to the device or pulls the cables too much during maintenance. The device may come crashing to the ground or smack against the inside of the storage rack because the device isn't being secured properly.

Custom Computer Storage Can Help

The key to success with custom devices is to create a versatile storage unit for them all. Instead of getting a single server rack with lots of risks or multiple server racks that go underutilized, metal fabricators can design a server rack that answers most--if not all--storage challenges.

One option is to make a cage system that allows the devices to be secure in place. A custom case can be made for each device, then mounted with rails designed for your existing server rack. This requires some refitting of the original rack, but can be a good first step.

A more permanent solution would be to have a storage rack with rails that close around the device. Four walls holding the lower half of the devices can be adjusted for each size, making it easier to add and remove different devices. Contact a metal fabrication team to discuss different storage options.

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