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New Emerging Technology For Keeping The Air In Your Industrial Business Clean

Technology marches on these days and one of the places where it's marching with particular energy is in the field of industrial air cleaning services. Regardless of what type of industrial business you run, from steel factories to water treatment plants or anything else, clean air is going to be something you need to worry about. Here are a few examples of emerging technology that could help keep your industrial operations clean.

Nanostructured Coatings

Organic molecules often cause pollution for indoor air. If a building is big enough, it can often require a huge amount of effort in order to keep it going. This isn't especially cost effective. However, new technology is being developed in order to find a better way to treat the air in buildings using coatings for window glass.

The coating is called Titanium dioxide. It's a common ingredient serving as white pigmentation for products such as sunscreen or toothpaste. But, when this substance is formed into nanoparticles, it takes on new properties. The same abilities that made it good at reflecting light and thus creating white pigmentation can instead completely absorb UV light and pass on this light in a way that destroys organic molecules.

This means that the pigmentation can be put over any glass in order to promote clean air inside of the building. The process is known as using "photocatalysis."

Hybrid HEPA Technology

The term "HEPA" stands for "high-efficiency particulate air," and it refers to a particular grade of air filters that take far more particles out of the air than what a normal air filter can accomplish. Industrial level air filtration systems can now handle the task of cleaning at an industrial level.

In fact, some HEPA filters at industrial strength were actually used to help filter out dust caused by the 9/11 attacks on the Two Tower buildings in New York. Many of the best systems combine HEPA air filtration with other technology, including a UV light for ridding the air of possible diseases that can make it through the HEPA filtration, and a silver mesh that will kill bacteria on contact.

That way, they serve as an extra way to backup for the down sides of HEPA, which includes that it's not fine enough to destroy microbes. However, in combination, these hybrid technologies can help maintain clean air against all threat in industrial settings no matter what you're doing there. Click here for more information on clean air systems.

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