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Keys to Inspecting Seals on Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders can perform as well as they do because they have hydraulic seals, which block or separate fluid. If you want your seals doing their job consistently for a long time, you'll want to perform these inspection steps.

1. Take Seals Off for a Complete Inspection 

If you want to see the seals on your hydraulic cylinders in their entirety to complete a more thorough inspection, then you want to completely remove the seals from their current position. Then you won't be hindered by other structures blocking the way.

You need to be careful about removing these seals to prevent things like cracking from happening. Once you get them off, you'll be able to carry out an in-depth inspection that gives you meaningful information about the seals' ability to separate or block liquids in hydraulic equipment.

2. Perform Inspections After Problematic Signs Come About

Some problems are going to be more noticeable with hydraulic seals than others. When these issues happen, you want to perform an inspection immediately to find out what's going on. Maybe the seals have started to break down because of contamination or there is a strange sound coming from your cylinders because the seals weren't properly set up.

If you can stop using the hydraulic equipment when these problems happen and carry out a meaningful inspection, you should be able to find out the problem before doing any more damage to the hydraulic cylinders that are relying on the seals.

3. Make Meaningful Conclusions From Inspections

Performing in-depth inspections on hydraulic seals at the right times is great, but you still need a way to make meaningful assessments from them. Then you'll know whether to make some changes to the seals or just put them back on the cylinders because they're doing a great job.

If you don't have the ability to draw meaningful conclusions from your seal inspections, you need to find a local hydraulic equipment contractor who can. Their help will save you a bunch of complications with this equipment in the long run and you'll have professional assessments to guide you with repairs and replacements.

You will eventually have to inspect hydraulic seals on hydraulic equipment to ensure they are holding up and enabling your hydraulic equipment to work correctly. Make these inspections count by having the right procedures in place when they are executed by you or a hydraulic equipment professional. 

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