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3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Dust Collection System Installed in Your Factory

If you own and/or operate a factory that manufactures or processes products, there is bound to be a lot of dust from wood, metal, and other materials flying through the air, especially if you do not have a system installed and working to remove the dust from the air. There are a few reasons why you should seriously consider having a dust collection system installed in your factory.

1.  Allows for Better Working Conditions for Your Employees

One reason why you should have a dust collecting system in your factory is to facilitate better working conditions for your employees. Even when they wear personal protective equipment on a regular basis, organic dust or airborne metal shavings can irritate the skin as well as their respiratory tract.

The dust can also obscure their vision when it coats their safety goggles. And, when the dust in the air settles, it can make it harder for them to see their projects without having to stop every few minutes to wipe the surfaces.

However, when a dust collection system is operating, especially in areas where heavy processing of wood, metal, and fiberglass take place, the excess dust is removed from the air. The clearer air makes it more comfortable for your workers, and it will also make their jobs a little bit easier when they can see what they are doing.

2.  Protects Your Products and Equipment from Damage Caused by Dust Contamination

When there is excess dust in the air of your manufacturing and processing floors, your workers are not the only ones that may suffer from it. The factory's equipment and products that your business makes could also suffer the adverse effects of too much dust.

Many pieces of equipment in your factory have fans that cool them off. They do this by sucking in the air around it. If that air is filled with dust, the dust then gains entry inside of the equipment. This can then wear down the working parts, and if enough dust accumulates to interfere with the cooling system, the equipment could burn up from being overheated.

As far as the products, not only does excess dust interfere with the employees' ability to see what they are working on properly, but it can also contaminate the products themselves. This would then lead to the production of less-than-ideal finished products, which could impact your customers' view of your business. You can avoid these issues by regularly using a dust collector. 

3.  Helps Reduce Combustible Dust That Could Cause Fires or Explosions 

Another and very important reason why a dust collection system is vital for your factory is that it helps to reduce combustible dust. Combustible dust, such as that produced by metal, organic materials, and grains can be responsible for both fires and explosions, especially if there are any open heat sources or pieces of hot equipment in the production areas of your factory.

Reducing the amount of combustible dust in your factory is also required to meet OSHA safety standards. To meet these standards, you need to have some sort of system and plan in place to deal with minimizing the amount of combustible dust in the air. Getting a dust collection installation can help you achieve this goal.

If your factory does any type of manufacturing or material processing, you need to have a system in place to ensure that the dust is controlled and collected. Contact an industrial equipment supply service that offers dust collection installation services to speak to a representative to learn more about how the system can help your company as well as discuss any available options.

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