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Scaffolding Selection Basics: What You Should Know

If you have recently taken on a construction or improvement project that is larger in scale than your business is used to, you may be looking for scaffolding for the first time. When it comes to choosing and using scaffolding, there are a lot of uncertainties and questions that you may have. The good news is that most of these questions are pretty easy to answer. Here is a look at some of the most common things that everyone should know before they select scaffolding for any project.

Weight Capacity Is Important

One of the first things you need to understand before you choose any scaffolding for your project is the fact that scaffolding is rated according to the weight capacity for the structure. This is an important consideration because using scaffolding that's not designed to withstand the weight you will subject it to can be unsafe. 

To select the right weight capacity, you need to take into account not only how many workers you will have on each platform, but also the weight of the tools and equipment that those workers will need on the platform with them. Consider everything that's going to be on the scaffolding at any given point to ensure that your structure will withstand the demand.

Training Is Essential

Once your scaffolding structure is put into place, you must ensure that every worker is thoroughly trained on its use and the safety requirements before they are allowed on the structure.

Safety is vital with scaffolding because of the risks, not only of falling from the structure but also of dropping things and injuring those below. Similarly, those on the structure need to be trained in the necessary inspection requirements to ensure that the scaffold is safe. Understanding the safety requirements will protect your job site from worker injuries and lost time.

Certified Installers Are Necessary

When you invest in scaffolding for any project, the erection of that scaffold is just as important as the scaffold structure itself. As a result, when you buy your scaffolding, you also need to hire someone on staff who is certified in scaffolding structure and assembly. That way, you can ensure that the scaffolding is erected properly and safely. Additionally, they will inspect the scaffolding at the start of every shift to ensure that it is safe for use.

Consider these facts and reach out to a scaffolding supplier near you today. They can help you get the structure that you need for your upcoming project.

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